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Golf Holidays & Spa Breaks - strong combo!

One of the many advantages of a golf and spa break is that it ticks the boxes for couples, close friends and even family. Golf and spa weekends mean easy going activities, a quality backdrop, a refreshing change of scene and a welcome slice of recuperation. That's a lot of boxes ticked even before you've swung a club or stepped into the hot tub with your first glass of bubbly.

Reviews Dean Webster 22/11/2019

I would definitely use Groupia for a package weekend again.

Course Work

Throughout the UK and selected locations in Europe, Groupia's golfers can access 18 to 72-hole courses, putting greens, driving ranges, coaching, club fitting and more. In fact pretty much everything you need to get the clubs out & then if you do have a shocker you can always join the mrs in the spa. When you're part of the Groupia family you get your own "Groupia club pass" (VIP area), plus your very own experienced service team will help you find the right location that fits with your golf weekend requirements, from budget to style of course to location to facilities.

Spa Spa Voom

Whether it's for you or your significant other a touch of pampered 'me time' is always welcome, n'est pas? We're with you and have a host of options to keep everybody happy, even your mate's highly critical other half. We'll list the options available at the spa, all you then have to tell us is what you want and when, we'll take care of the rest.


It's not just the daytime that will get you in the swing of things, after a day enjoying yourself in the words of Jamie Cullum, "don't stop the music" ... keep playing. In our opinion you should definitely make something of the evenings which is easy to do if you set dinner up as an event and part of your break, whether that's on 1 night or 2. Why not start with a few cocktails in the bar, one half of the team chooses a drink each round perhaps with a sporting theme?. So with 8 of you that's a leisurely 4-ball meaning 4 pre-dinner sharpeners before some high quality dining. After dinner you could call it a night or it's back to the bar & you guessed it, those still up for more can tee off another 4-ball. To ensure you keep this as a welcome annual trip with the same couples we recommend that's where the "ball play" stops. However, if you want to go out somewhere else for the evening we can arrange that aswell.

Next Steps...

It's easy just have a look at what takes your fancy, let us know how to help & we'll get to work. We can set it up in your own online VIP Area where you can take care of the organisation with loads of features that make it easier for "ballers". You can send out invites to others & they can pay themselves so you don't have to cover them.

Reviews Gregg Muspratt 12/04/2019

The team at Groupia were brilliant! They took the hassle out of everything.

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Great Savings!

We're not going to lie, we can't help with your strokeplay, your handicap's your own but we can help shave a few quid off your break, ensure high standards you can rely on & keep you financially protected at the same time. Making events fun, reliable and easy, whilst saving our groups lots of time and money is what we've been doing since 2002.

At Groupia, we book events for thousands of guests every year, giving us some handy buying power, not to mention location and logistical expertise ensuring you get top service at low prices. We put our purchasing power to good use to get preferential rates from our hotels and destinations that we pass on to our valued Clients. "Really?" Yes! If we keep bringing you good deals, great ideas and excellent service, the idea is you'll not only keep coming back but you'll tell your friends aswell!